Should My Blinds Match My Window Trim?


Purchasing new blinds is a big project – one you don’t do every week, like groceries. So navigating through the styles, the new vocabulary, the facts and figures of this important project can seem overwhelming. By breaking down each aspect of your window coverings decisions, the process becomes manageable.

So here is one aspect to consider. Should the new blinds match my window trim color?

Match: When your blinds match the window trim, they blend in. They “disappear” on the window and become a quiet design feature in the room. Look at what else is going on in the room. If your overall color scheme is monochromatic – meaning similar shades of color throughout the room – then you must decide if you want your blinds to blend in with that monochromatic scheme or not. Here are two examples for you to picture in your mind.

  1. A living room done in neutral colors – neutral carpeting and upholstery. Neutral walls and trim. This room may do best with blinds that match the trim. Very sophisticated.

  2. A living room done in rustic colors – dark wood floors and deep-colored upholstery. Textured dark walls and stained-dark wood trim. This room will also do well to have the blinds match the trim. Cozy and comfortable, and sensational.

Both of the above rooms keep the monochromatic color scheme going. 

Don’t match: When you don’t match – or contrast – with the trim color, your blinds jump out and become a big design feature in the room. It just depends on what you’re after in terms of overall design. Let’s look at your room again. Do you have a monochromatic color scheme going on in most of the room, but have – or want to have – big splashes of contrast? Let’s use the same two example rooms as above.

  1. A living room done in neutral colors. Neutral flooring, upholstery, walls and trim. But you have artwork around the room with strong, lively or bold colors. Or perhaps you have wood end tables in a deep cappuccino finish. Then your new window treatments would be a nice addition as a contrast to the trim – maybe a dark Wood Blind, or a Soft Roman Shade in a deep fabric. This is a big design feature that says, “Wow!”

  2. A living room done in rustic colors – dark wood floors and deep-colored upholstery, dark walls and dark-stained wood trim. This room can be lightened up with a few contrasts of color carefully placed. How about a textured shag area rug in lighter neutrals? And light-colored table lamps. Or artwork with light subject matter. Then this room would be ready for contrasting window coverings in lighter-than-the-trim tones. No need to go all the way to bright white – that would be too stark – but light enough to brighten the room and make a design statement. Natural Roman Shades in a light tone, with their matchsticks and bamboo, would be perfect. Very chic!

The good thing about so many choices and fabrics in window coverings these days, is that you can get exactly what you’re after. Soft and neutral, contemporary uncluttered hip, or outdoorsy rustic. So blend with your trim, or contrast, but either way, the right – and gorgeous – choice awaits. Take the time to decide, taking in all the surroundings, and your new blinds will be a joy for years to come.