Room Ideas

Beauty reaches out to us in many different ways. The decisions we make in furnishing and decorating our homes should reflect those colors, curves, lines and silhouettes that touch us most deeply and put us at ease in our own space.

  • Prevent reflection, glare and shadows
  • Wood Blinds and shutters provide light control
  • Light filtering Cellular Shades and Solars
  • Faux Wood and Wood Blinds prevent glare
  • Use Solar Shades to maintain view
Define Your Personal Style
  • Kitchen


    • Let in light but reduce glare
    • Easy to clean treatments
    • Durable products are essential here
    • Cordless options are a great solution
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  • Bathroom


    • Privacy is top concern
    • Treatments that hold up well with humidity
    • Perfect choices are Faux Woods and Honeycomb Shades
    • Cordless is perfect for smaller powder rooms
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  • Bedroom


    • Privacy and light control are a must in the bedroom
    • Top/down shades are the ultimate in privacy and light control
    • Blackout Shades keep most light out
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  • Living Room

    Living Room

    • Let in light but reduce glare for entertainment areas
    • Think comfortable and temperature control
    • Wood Blinds and Shadings are great choices
    • Cordless shades recommended for animals and children
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  • Dining Room

    Dining Room

    • Think comfortable and temperature control
    • Wood Blinds with cloth tapes provide a traditional look
    • Fabric Roman Shades let in diffused light
    • Roller Shades matched with panels add elegance
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  • Office


    • Prevent reflection, glare, and shadows
    • Faux Woods and Woods allow for light control
    • Mini-Blinds offer a contemporary look
    • Solar Sheer Roller Shades allow light and block the heat
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  • Kid's Room

    Kid's Room

    • Durable window coverings are a must
    • Easy to clean small smudges
    • Faux Woods and Honeycomb Shades are a great fit
    • For smaller children cordless shades are recommended
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  • Home Theater

    Home Theater

    • Prevent glare on your electronics
    • Light filtering Honeycomb Shades soften the light
    • Light blocking shades provide a theater experience
    • Natural Roman Shades with privacy liners are a great alternative
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